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6 CEU Fear Free Pet Sitter Certification Program

Photo of 6 CEU Fear Free Pet Sitter Certification Program
Fear Free Pet Sitter Certification Program Website: https://fearfreepets.com/fear-free-pet-sitter-certification-program-overview/

Unlike any other pet professional, pet sitters spend an extended period of time with the animals they care for, giving them an intimate and unique glimpse into animals’ home lives. Because of this, pet sitters can readily identify opportunities for improvement and spot emerging behavior concerns, enrichment opportunities, and other areas that might otherwise go unnoticed.  This course will equip pet sitters with a scientifically sound knowledge base in animal body language, dog walking, behavior and training basics, enrichment, home life, travel, administering medications, and more so that they can offer top-level Fear Free care to pets and provide owners with basic support and advice. The Fear Free Certified® pet sitter will be empowered to help educate pet owners on reading dog and cat body language and provide ideas for how enrichment and training can be incorporated into the pet’s environment and routine, promoting not only a calmer pet-sitting stay but also a richer, more fulfilling life. We’ll cover everything from the very first greeting of a pet to creating calmer leash walks to delivering medications in a Fear Free manner and much more!


This course was written by Mikkel Becker, Lead Animal Trainer for Fear Free Pets, CBCC-KA, CDBC, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, CTC, Fear Free Certified, co-author of From Fearful to Fear Free.