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1.25 CEU Bite Prevention

Photo of 1.25 CEU Bite Prevention
Bite Prevention Presenter: FetchFind

-Bite Levels: What They Are & What They Mean

-Reading Body Language in a Fearful Dog

-Safe Greetings

-Reading Body Language of Arousal & Aggression

-Arousal & Threshold

-When the Worst Happens: What to Do If a Bite Occurs

Resources: Bite Levels Cheat Sheet, Canine Ladder of Aggression

2 CEU Canine Behaviour and Communication

Photo of 2 CEU Canine Behaviour and Communication
Canine Behaviour and Communication Presenter: FetchFind

-What is Normal Behavior? -How to Deal with Barking -Reading Body Language in a Calming Signals Fear, Anxiety, & Phobia Defined Neutral or Friendly Dog -Predatory Motor Patterns -Arousal & Threshold -Reading Body Language in a -What is Sociability? -Aggression 101 Fearful Dog -What is Socialization? -Guide to Aggression Types -Reading Body Language of -Canine Scent Communication -Defining Dominance Arousal & Aggression -Canine Sound Communication -What is Resource Guarding? -Anthropomorphism: What is It & -Why Dogs Bark Why Does It Matter? Resources: The Complete List of Calming Signals, Canine Ladder of Aggression, Attention-Seeking Behavior, Quick Guide to Polite Greetings, Counter Surfing, Why Dogs Hump & What to Do About It, Digging

1 CEU Canine Development

Photo of 1 CEU Canine Development
Canine Development Presenter: FetchFind


-The Socialization Period


-The Neonatal Period

-The Juvenile Period

-The Senior Period

-The Transition Period

-Adolescence Resources: Canine Development Cheat Sheet, Relative Age of Dogs in Human Years, Socialization Scavenger Hunt

2 CEU Canine Health and Wellness

Photo of 2 CEU Canine Health and Wellness
Canine Health and Wellness Presenter: FetchFind

Common Health Issues: -Foods That Are Dangerous to Dogs -Common Canine Health Problems -Bloat -Heatstroke -Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease -Intestinal Parasites -External Parasites -Heartworm Basics -Common Zoonotic Diseases Administering Medication: -Pills -Liquid Medicine -Subcutaneous Injections Keeping Pets Healthy: -When to Take a Dog to the Vet -Guide to Canine Vaccines -How to Trim a Dog’s Nails -How to Brush a Dog’s Teeth Resources: First Aid Kit for Pet Pros, First Aid Triage for Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters, Feeding Guidelines for Dogs, Proper Food Storage, Basic Canine Anatomy, Canine Vital Signs

1 CEU Customer Service Basics

Photo of 1 CEU Customer Service Basics
Customer Service Basics Presenter: FetchFind

Customer Service Basics -Top 10 Tips: Great Communication -How to Talk About FetchFind -Making a Great First Impression -Top 10 Tips: Difficult Clients -Choosing the Right Photos to -Going Above & Beyond -How to Talk About Your Competition Share

1 CEU Daycare and Boarding Basics

Photo of 1 CEU Daycare and Boarding Basics
Daycare and Boarding Basics Presenter: FetchFind

Top 10 Tips: Perfect Boarding Stay -Top 10 Tips: Perfect Playgroup -How to Fill a Mop Bucket -Dog Daycare Toolkit – Water Safety for Dogs -Safely Handling Bleach -Intro to Appropriate Play & Rest

1.25 CEU Dog Breeds 101

Photo of 1.25 CEU Dog Breeds 101
Dog Breeds 101 Presenter: FetchFind

-Why Know the Breed? -The Hound Group -The Herding Group -Top 10 Dog Breeds -The Working Group -The Toy Group -A Quick Guide to Breed Groups -The Terrier Group -The Nonsporting Group -The Sporting Group

Resources: Breed Group Cheat Sheet

1 CEU Dog Walking Visit Basics

Photo of 1 CEU Dog Walking Visit Basics
Dog Walking Visit Basics Presenter: FetchFind

-Writing Great Visit Notes -Top 10 Tips: Perfect Visit -Encountering Off-Leash Dogs -Dog Walker’s Toolkit -Doorway Management Resources: Safe Indoor Play, New Client Meet & Greet Checklist

1 CEU Equipment 101

Photo of 1 CEU Equipment 101
Equipment 101 Presenter: FetchFind

Collars -Harnesses -Carabiners -Leashes -Muzzles -Crates

Resources: Crate Size Guidelines

2.75 Feline Fundamental

Photo of 2.75 Feline Fundamental
Feline Fundamentals Presenter: FetchFind

-The ABCs of C-A-T -If You’re Bitten or Scratched -Nose-to-Tail Wellness Check -Insights Into the 5 Feline Senses – How to Break Up a Cat Fight -Administering Medication: Pills -How to Properly Greet a Cat -Towel-Wrapping Techniques -Administering Liquid Medicine -Cat-Human Communication -Proper Litter Box Cleaning -When to Take a Cat to the Vet -Cat-Cat Communication – Litter Box Types -How to Trim a Cat’s Nails -Cat-Dog Communication -All About Hairballs -Safe Car Transportation -Cat Face Geometry Theory -Tips for Proper Food Storage -Tips for Cats in Hotel Stays

0.5 CEU Intro to Safe Handling

Photo of 0.5 CEU Intro to Safe Handling
Intro to Safe Handling Presenter: FetchFind

-Intro to Safe Handling -Safe Handling: Equipment -How to Hold a Leash