• “Certification Pet Parents Can Trust”


We firmly believe PACCC certification will save and protect lives, but to make that happen we need your help! Below are the areas where we need the most help. Will you help us make a pawsitive difference in the pet care industry?


The Fundraising Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the following:

  • Identify potential core supporters and develop individual donor campaign
  • Develop and implement a successful online fundraising campaign through social media, online auctions, online shopping sites, etc.
  • Assist in the development and procurement of financial sponsorships from pet industry vendors and suppliers
  • Develop local, national and global fundraising partnerships

And much, much more!

The Fundraising Committee’s efforts will provide the funds for operating expenses. Your Committee Chair is Lori Davis with Paramount Success Group. We simply can’t do it without this committee. Will you help? If you’re interested or need more information, please contact us at:


The Provider, Manager, and Operator Committees each help with the following:

  • Job analysis
  • Exam question development
  • Establishing parameters

These committees will help define what skills and abilities rise to the level of PACCC standards. The fruit of your efforts will be seen on the front lines by pet consumers every day. Will you help set the standards for our industry and make it a better and safer one? If you’re interested or need more information, please email us!


And we have even more committee opportunities. Email us to learn more about where we need your help!