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Take the Exam from Anywhere

We’ve heard your feedback; some pet care professionals haven’t been able to certify because they are too far from a testing facility or too busy to take the exam during business hours. If you are one of these people, we have exciting news!

For the first time, pet care professionals are able to take the PACCC exam from the comfort of their home or office, any time of day within the scheduled 2-week testing window!

The PACCC exam remains a proctored exam with strict testing regulations and security but with the Proproctor technology, a remote proctor can monitor the exam process from afar. As technology continues to evolve, we expect this functionality will become even easier but in the meantime, there are some things that you should know when considering remote proctoring:


  • A strong and reliable internet connection is required. If your connection fails and it is determined to be on your end, you may forfeit any exam fees.
  • A testing area free of clutter, paper, books, etc. is required.
  • Current technology prevents special accommodation requirements however these are still available at in-person testing facilities.
  • Leaving the testing room for any reason is not permitted. This includes bathroom breaks.
  • No food or drink is allowed.

If you have questions, please reach out! Now there is no excuse to prove your pet care skills with the world’s only third-party certification! #saferinapaccc