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Working with animals is a special – and specialized – career choice, or at least it should be.

That’s why the Professional Animal Care Certification Council was formed, to make sure those in this industry have the specialized knowledge and ability to care for pets. We firmly believe PACCC certification will save and protect lives, but to make that happen we need your help! As a registered non-profit, PACCC relies on a community effort to help ensure, and bring awareness to, pet safety. If you’re a pet care professional or concerned pet parent, here are ways you can get involved…


PACCC offers a variety of ways to help ensure pet safety through sponsorship opportunities – show you support the PACCC! Email for sponsorship details.

And check out our current pawsome supporters here!


You can help ensure pet safety by supporting PACCC with an easy online donation!


Our volunteer rosters read like a “Who’s Who” of the industry – but we still need more of you! Not only will you help make a difference, but you’ll also be working with some of the smartest folks in this industry.