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Ready to join our pet safety mission by becoming a certified pet care professional? You’ve come to the right place!

We are currently offering two levels of certification: Certified Professional Animal Care Manager (CPACM) and Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP). Not sure which one you should take? Please read the descriptions, below, and follow the appropriate link. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


The CPACM is the person in charge of the daily operation of a professional pet care business. This person oversees the daily operation of the business and brings a high level of knowledge and understanding about the importance of quality care for pets, pet parents and/or the team of employees that they oversee. A manager understands customer service, animal health, animal behavior, safety for pets and staff, and human resources. This person leads by example and promotes positive business ethics. They strive to perform at a high level and gain more knowledge through education. They understand the importance of their role and how all of this influences the culture and success of the business and the pet care industry.


The CPACP is the person in charge of the daily handling of the animals of a professional pet care business. Providers work in a variety of settings that include but are not limited to pet care center, pet sitter, dog walker, grooming, bathing, customer service and training and oversee every aspect of an animal’s well-being while in their care. Providers must have knowledge and understanding of the importance of safety, animal health and behavior, and customer service. Providers strive to advance their education to better their understanding and care they provide. The CPACP understands their role and how it plays a part in developing the success of the pet care industry.