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2 CEU Canine Behaviour and Communication

Photo of 2 CEU Canine Behaviour and Communication
Canine Behaviour and Communication Presenter: FetchFind

-What is Normal Behavior? -How to Deal with Barking -Reading Body Language in a Calming Signals Fear, Anxiety, & Phobia Defined Neutral or Friendly Dog -Predatory Motor Patterns -Arousal & Threshold -Reading Body Language in a -What is Sociability? -Aggression 101 Fearful Dog -What is Socialization? -Guide to Aggression Types -Reading Body Language of -Canine Scent Communication -Defining Dominance Arousal & Aggression -Canine Sound Communication -What is Resource Guarding? -Anthropomorphism: What is It & -Why Dogs Bark Why Does It Matter? Resources: The Complete List of Calming Signals, Canine Ladder of Aggression, Attention-Seeking Behavior, Quick Guide to Polite Greetings, Counter Surfing, Why Dogs Hump & What to Do About It, Digging