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There are three levels of PACCC certification: Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP), Manager (CPACM), and Operator (CPACO). The exams are appropriate for the position level one holds in the industry. To initially qualify for the exams, the following individuals had to meet significant minimum education and work experience requirements, as well as provide letters of reference from veterinarians and other pet care industry professionals. They then had to successfully pass an in-depth exam, conducted in-person at an approved PACCC testing location.  The first level of certification is CPACP, followed by CPACM which requires an increased level of education and experience, and then CPACO which requires even more. An advanced certification level does not require initial certification at another level. For example, becoming a CPACM does not require initial certification as a CPACP. The exams are appropriate for the position level the professional holds in the industry.

By becoming independently certified, these professionals are pet care pioneers and leaders in pet safety. To remain certified, a minimum amount of continuing education credits must be met.

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Congratulations to these pet care professionals who have achieved PACCC certified status.

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Stephanie L. Tauscher CPACP

No Photo Available
Work Evansville Wisconsin

Kate Thomas CPACM

Photo of Kate Thomas CPACM
Dog Tired Work Johns Island South Carolina Work Phone: 843-633-1032 Website: http://www.dogtiredsc.com/

Patricia Lynn Thorpe CPAe, CPACP

Photo of Patricia Lynn Thorpe CPAe, CPACP
BowMeow Regency Work Sheffield Massachusetts Work Phone: 413-429-6402 Website: http://www.bowmeowregency.com

Kerry Tillghman CPACP

Photo of Kerry Tillghman CPACP
Work Allentown New Jersey

Anna Torres-Radle CPACO

Photo of Anna Torres-Radle CPACO
Fieldstone Animal Inn Work Millersville Maryland Work Phone: 410-6476516 Website: https://www.fieldstoneanimalinn.com/

April Totten CPACP

Photo of April Totten CPACP
Work Las Vegas Nevada

Sophia Trapassi CPACP

No Photo Available
Work Cranston Rhode Island

Linda Travis CPACP

Photo of Linda Travis CPACP
4 Paws Community Center Work Bloomfield Hills Michigan Work Phone: 247-230-7297 Website: http://www.4pawscc.com/

Rachel Lynn Tullock CPACP

No Photo Available
Work Webster New York

Kim Vaughn CPACO

Photo of Kim Vaughn CPACO
Ruff Housing Home Winston Salem NC

Alishia Walker CPACM

Photo of Alishia Walker CPACM
Best Friends Fur Ever Work Joppa Maryland

Roni Warren CPACP

Photo of Roni Warren CPACP
Work Pasadena Maryland

Lisa Wickersham CPACM

Photo of Lisa Wickersham CPACM
Wickersham’s K-9 Ranch, Inc Work Marshville North Carolina Work Phone: 704-369-9282 Website: http://www.k-9ranch.com

Sonya Wilson CPACP

No Photo Available
Work Austin Texas

Jennifer Rae Wolf-Pierson CPACO

Photo of Jennifer Rae Wolf-Pierson CPACO
Work Spring Texas

Destiny Wolfe CPACP

No Photo Available
Work El Paso Texas

Hadley E Zabinski CPACP

No Photo Available
Work Charlton Massachusetts

Jess Zellmer CPACO

Photo of Jess Zellmer CPACO
The Dog Gurus Work King George Virginia Work Phone: 630-877-8419 Website: http://www.thedoggurus.com