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The next PACCC Certified Professional Animal Care Operator (CPACO) exam will be offered between March 24 –  April 7, 2018.  The deadline to register is February 28, 2018. The CPACO exam is written from the perspective of those in leadership roles at animal care facilities. The level of knowledge is more in depth than that for the Provider (CPACP) exam or the Manager (CPACM) exam. Here are the ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR things you need to know to take the next exam:


IMPORTANT! There are a limited number of seats on each given date, so if you have a specific date preference, be sure to register early


Request your FREE CPACO Handbook for Candidates.


For registration requirements and to apply to take the exam, click the REGISTER button. IMPORTANT! When you are on the registration site, make sure you are registering for the Certified Professional Animal Care Operator Examination as other exams will be on that same pageFor help on how to find your nearest exam location, check out the short instructional video, below. If you are taking the exam in the USA, the most accurate results are found searching by ZIP CODE.


Take the CPACO Practice Exam. COMING SOON. This is optional, but provides an opportunity to preview the type of content and how well you might do on the actual exam.


For help finding your exam location when registering, check out this short instructional video, below. Please note, if you are taking the exam in the USA, the most accurate location results are found if you search by ZIP CODE. IMPORTANT! While the exam is available on multiple days during each testing period, there are only a finite number of available seats on each day. If you have a preferred date within the testing period, it is advised to register early as your preferred date may fill up quickly. If you are not in the U.S. or certain parts of Canada and an exam site is not located near you, please see this Request for Special Test Center (PDF).


For more information on taking the PACCC exam, check out the online webinar, below.


PACCC examinations are designed to cover the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be most effective in professional animal care. Below are ideas to help you prepare:

  1. Read the entire content outline as the exam will include items for every area and may include questions on the subcategories.
  2. Study from one or all of the recommended references or other resources found in your handbook.
  3. Take the practice exam. COMING SOON.
  4. Prior to driving to the examination location, study a map and/or directions so you aren’t rushing to get to the location. Get plenty of rest the night before.