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Just the Facts: PACCC Certifications Update

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The item writing teams for PACCC’s certifications are in formation, consisting of 50 PACCC member volunteers with experience and expertise in the three levels of certification:

  • Professional Animal Care Provider
  • Professional Animal Care Manager
  • Professional Animal Care Operator

The goal is to have all items submitted to Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) by the end of March, in preparation for the fall 2016 certification roll-out. PTC will review all items to ensure accuracy and appropriateness.

Team members will be:

  • Diverse, including male and female members, both U.S. and International
  • Qualified to write exam items based on experience and expertise
  • Assigned a testing level and topic (based on their experience and interests)
  • Required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (to maintain exam integrity)
  • Required to view a PTC video on proper exam question preparation
  • Required to include cited sources for each item submitted

Practice Exams will be made available prior to paying for, and sitting for an exam, allowing for self-assessments of readiness.

PTC will provide data, based on aggregate exam results, to help PACCC determine needs for future exams.

PACCC’s intentions are to ensure its certifications evolve year over year to accommodate evolving pet industry standards and practices, and continue to represent the needs of pet parents and industry professionals alike. PACCC will utilize aggregate exam data over time (provided by PTC) to help inform future testing material.