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At the heart of each pet care provider’s actions should be their desire to provide safe, quality care and support to their clients. Certification through PACCC (Professional Animal Care Certification Council) will provide resources and knowledge to be that person and provide those around you with confidence in your abilities.
As it stands now, the pet care industry does not have certification requirements. Whether you take pets in to your home for extra money or you have spent decades in the industry running a multi-million dollar facility, there is no way to distinguish between the hobbyist and the experienced, knowledgeable professional.

PACCC was established to give pet care professionals a set of standards and body of knowledge that assures pet owners they are getting an educated and experienced pet care provider – not the next door neighbor who is just having fun.

As our pets have grown to be an important part of our families, the pet care industry has done a lot of growing and maturing, too. Pet care jobs that were once considered “a hobby” or “cute,” are now incredibly profitable businesses that are finally getting serious consideration. Yet, the industry still lacks the professional credibility that it needs, due to the immense responsibilities and liabilities pet care providers take on each day. Pet care professionals are expected to manage a group of living beings that cannot speak and give subtle cues as to what their intentions and behavior may mean. It is our responsibility to be sure these animals can transition safely from one environment (the dog daycare) to the next (home) without issue.

We have a responsibility to our clients to provide them with educated and experienced care. Becoming a certified pet care provider through PACCC will provide you with an edge in the industry, but it will also enhance the environment of the pets in your care.

So, be the exceptional pet care provider that your clients think you are. Join PACCC.