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Part of the PACCC: Doug Schatz of Market Hardware

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PACCC is a non-profit on a pet safety mission through independent certification of pet care professionals. We exist – and are succeeding – thanks to sponsors like Doug Schatz of Market Hardware. Doug is the GM of Pet Care for Market Hardware, a web marketing firm that specializes in custom website development, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, social media, and other digital marketing programs for pet care businesses. Market Hardware has been part of the pet care services industry for more than a decade, working and developing relationships with boarding facilities, groomers, veterinarians, and other pet care operations.

Why is being a PACCC sponsor important to you?

Being a PACCC sponsor is important to us because we have seen the importance that safety and education serves in the pet care sector. We feel strongly that in order to provide pet owners with the best care possible for their beloved pets, education and training is the way to ensure industry standards are as high as they can be. In addition to that, many of us are pet owners and love what PACCC does and represents!

How does your product/service improve pet safety?

Our services are intended to improve pet safety by providing a platform (often a website or social media platforms) where businesses can educate owners on things they need to watch out for and be aware of to keep their pets safe. When a discerning pet owner is looking for a facility to board or groom their pet, they need to know all the facts. We encourage our clients to share what makes them safer and more experienced than their competition to raise awareness.

We’ve asked our certified pet care providers about their most humorous or touching experience with a pet, but, as an industry vendor, what has been your/your pet’s most humorous or touching or fun experience with a pet care provider?

As we are not a boarding facility but, rather, a web firm that works with pet care facilities, our experiences with pets in the work environment is a little different. However, I would say the most touching experiences we have had have been at trade shows where we have seen rescued pets, therapy dogs, and service animals working with their owners and interacting with the public (when appropriate for the working dogs) that simply brings a smile to everyone’s face. We are firm believers that animals bring joy to all of those who get to see and interact with them, and the more pets we have in our lives the happier folks tend to be.

Thank you, Doug and Market Hardware! For information on how you can become part of the PACCC as a sponsor, donor, or volunteer visit paccert.org/get-involved.

Photo, above: Doug Schatz (center, behind the sofa, dark blue shirt), and the rest of the Market Hardware Team.